Master’s program “Petroleum Engineering”

Master’s program “Petroleum Engineering” (2 years of Kazan Federal University, exchanges and internships for a semester at the Southwest Petroleum University of China and other partner universities), certificates of passing the English language exam are not require

Program’s Presentation

Petroleum engineering21.04.01 Oil and gas business

The educational program is designed to train highly qualified specialists for the oil and gas sector with the competencies and knowledge necessary to implement projects in Russia and abroad.

Duration of studying is 2 years

Cost of education 304 980  rubles (1 year of studying)

Full cost of studying 609 960 rubles.

Full-time form of education. Studying is conducted in English.

Upon successful completion of your studies, you will be able to find a job in large Russian and foreign oil companies.

Basic Skills:

  • Determine the best location for well placement in accordance with the analysis of geophysical and geological data;
  • Monitor well performance and analyze production;
  • Create and update geological and hydrodynamic models;
  • Ensure adequate distribution of production among wells;
  • Recommend, plan and deliver the required development program;
  • Optimize field operation;
  • Predict production;
  • Apply and develop effective and most appropriate enhanced oil recovery methods;
  • Optimize production for each well, taking into account the potential volumes of gas and oil, taking into account the surface pressure.

Employment of graduates:

  • Oil and gas producing enterprises;
  • Service enterprises of the oil and gas industry;
  • Research, design institutes of the oil and gas industry;
  • Research and educational centers and research laboratories at higher educational institutions
  • Academic career: postgraduate studies at KFU and other leading universities of the country and the world;

Foreign universities: The level of preparation of the graduates of the program corresponds to foreign standards, therefore the program implies the possibility of continuing their studies at any foreign universities.

How to submit documents:

To participate in the competition, an online application is filled out in electronic form in the social and educational network of KFU “I will be a student!” with attachment of electronic (scanned) copies of necessary documents. Electronic submission of applications for training at KFU is carried out from June 20. The procedure for submitting applications for admission to KFU, indicating the areas of training and specialties, is carried out from any electronic device with Internet access. To register in the Social and Educational Network of KFU “I will be a student” you must have a valid e-mail (e-mail). For correct operation, we recommend using modern versions of browsers.

Instructions for electronic submission of documents


List of required documents:

Copy of the passport and notarized translation of the passport to Russian

A copy of a document on previous education with an attachment and its notarized translation to Russian

Medical certificate


Leader of the program – Mikhail Varfolomeev, E-mail:

MSc Programs Coordinators:

Minekaeva Dina,, +7 939 391 96 48

Sitdikova Guzel,, +7 953 403 31 20